Heat & AC Repair in Houston & Pearland, TX

AC Repair

For Expert Heater and AC Repair, Along with Many Other Services, Contact Our Team.

Master Air Inc. represents the regional leaders for any HVAC-related service. We understand the importance and necessity of your HVAC, and deliver rapid service and exceptional workmanship. Our expertise encompasses every possible HVAC need for the owner of a home or business. If you need installation or replacement services, you can count on us to handle any job, regardless of its complexity. Across our decades in this industry, we’ve learned how to expertly address any heater or AC repair to provide comfort and peace of mind to our clientele. We believe that everyone deserves a comfortable home, so we strive to work within any budget to accomplish the needs of our clientele.

The thoroughness of our work has set a new standard for HVAC service excellence in our area. Your HVAC system represents a serious investment. Make sure it gets the service it needs through regular maintenance checks from our team. We generally recommend seasonal inspections for your air conditioner and heater. The reason for this is that it ensures your units can handle the highest of demands, regardless of the weather outside. If you need general AC repair in Pearland, TX, we have a large selection of replacement parts and expertise with a huge variety of models and brands. To learn more about our company or services, call us today at (281) 485-3231.

AC Repair and Indoor Air Quality Company

AC Repair

We Have Over 30 Years Experience in the Quality Installation and Service of HVACs.

We specialize in all manner of services for air conditioners, including AC repair. We generally recommend that our clients pay attention to a range of symptoms to determine whether they need service. These could include inconsistent temperatures around your home, a lack of air from your vents, odd sounds, bad smells, or even the complete non-function of your AC. Make sure to call us immediately if you suspect repair needs, as small issues can quickly evolve into expensive problems.

Indoor air quality represents another important area of our specialization. The air in most homes is much worse in quality than that outside. This unsettling phenomenon, which can contribute to respiratory and cardiovascular problems, develops due to constant circulation of pollutants through your HVAC. To remove them from your air, you need an indoor air quality device, such as a whole house air filter or purifier. We also offer dehumidifiers to make your home less dry and more comfortable.

Emergency Air Conditioner Repair

AC Repair

If Your HVAC Fails to Function, Call Us for Emergency Repair.

In addition to our standard services, we offer emergency air conditioner repair whenever the need might arise. If your air conditioner fails on a hot day, you have a serious problem that could drive you from your home. At Master Air Inc., we make emergency AC repair a priority, and maintain on-call availability to ensure that we can take care of every customer. Whether your issue takes place on a weekend, overnight, or on a holiday, we remain ready to take your call. To take advantage of this service, make sure you keep our number handy: (281) 485-3231.


Air Conditioning Repairs, Installation & AC Parts Replacement

Our comprehensive air conditioning services can take care of any possible issue. Whether you own a home or business, you can take advantage of our wide experience and advanced skill set to resolve your AC dilemmas. We both install and replace air conditioners, and can provide you with a new, energy efficient model to save you money on monthly bills. Our services cover every aspect of your AC system, including the installation, repair, and sealing of air ducts. If you need a refrigerant recharge, give us a call. We also install and service mini split systems, which offer an excellent alternative to central air for homes not equipped with ducts.


Heating Repair & More

Our heater services are just as comprehensive as those we offer for AC repair. We can handle just about any heating issue that develops for central heaters, gas and electric furnaces, complete electric heating systems, and even heat pumps. Seasonal maintenance represents an indispensable service for heaters. Gas furnaces, in particular, need the benefit of regular maintenance to ensure their efficient, safe operation. As winter approaches, make sure to give our team a call to set up a maintenance visit. We’ll not only optimize and inspect your device, but can also make preventative repairs to save you money down the road.

  • Central Heating System Repair Our central heating system repair services can ensure that your home receives adequate heat.
  • Electric Heat Systems If you have an electric heat system, we’re your local experts for every repair need.
  • Gas Furnace Services Gas furnaces can benefit a great deal from our maintenance and repair. We also offer optimized installations.
  • Electric Furnace Services An electric furnace represents an excellent choice for those who dislike or have no access to natural gas.
  • Heating System Maintenance Seasonal heating system maintenance is indispensable for the safe, efficient operation of your heater.

HVAC Parts Replacement

Air Conditioning & Heater Parts Replacement

When an air conditioner begins to have trouble, you can almost always blame a faulty part. As air conditioners age, wear accumulates on indispensable components. Problems arise as your air conditioner struggles to function through these issues, a situation that will lead to higher bills and a reduced lifespan for your system. Common parts that lead to AC repair include your AC coils, which can collect dirt and dust, and your blower and condenser fans. Each of these performs an indispensable function for your system, and require the benefit of regular maintenance and cleaning. As for heaters, damage to certain parts can lead to safety issues. If you have any reason to suspect a problem with your heater, let us come identify the problematic part and make repairs.

Our parts replacement and general repair services cover work on a large array of HVAC brands and models. Whether you have a Trane, American Standard, York, or other HVAC, we can guarantee quality service. Our lengthy experience in the HVAC industry has brought us familiarity with a huge number of brands. Thanks to this, we can practically assure exceptional workmanship to resolve any issue you might have.

Indoor Air Quality

Whole House Air Filtration

Our selection of indoor air quality solutions can leave you with healthier, cleaner air. Most people spend upwards of 90 percent of their time indoors. To ensure your respiratory health, you should account for all the dust, dirt, allergens, and microorganisms that circulate continually through your HVAC. Whole house air filters and air purifiers can eliminate 99.9 percent of airborne contaminants to bring you improved health and a more comfortable home. If you suffer from the effects of dry air, we also offer whole house humidifiers. These remarkable devices can provide for an array of health benefits, and can compensate for the dryness generated by a heater.