Keeping Your House Cooler With a Lower Bill

You always hear about these secret ways to lowering your energy bill that require things like solar panels or special thermostats, but when you don’t have money to spend on expensive products, there are ways that can help lower your bill. These tips are not rocket science or secret by any means, but if you are just sitting around your home or are gone most of the day, these tips can help you out a little.


Close Your Curtains – If you have curtains or blind or both in your home, close them on a hot day. This is the quickest way that a house gets heated up. One thing you can do is run your air for a while, close all your blinds and then turn your air off. This is great if you are just sitting around your house or have to go run a few errands and don’t want to come home to a blazing inferno of heat.

Fans – Fans are your best friend. Ceiling fans, small portable fans, it does not matter. Turn your A/C off and turn these suckers on, they help.

Raise The Air – If you are leaving all day to go to work, raise up your air to somewhere around 78. It may seem like that is hot, but it is not unbearable if you have pets and the air won’t constantly be kicking on and cooling a house that nobody is in.

These are just a few simple tips that will hopefully save you a few bucks here and there. If you need help with your A/C or have a question, call Master Air Inc. at (281) 485-3231 and we can help you.