Heater Parts Replacement

Heater Parts

A Complex Collection of Heater Parts Govern the Function of Your Furnace.

Your home’s heater is a truly indispensable appliance. Throughout the coldest parts of the year, the heater will run almost continually to provide for the comfort of your home. Ironically, this level of dependence means your heater is most likely to break down when you need it the most. Heaters have a complex collection of internal parts that govern their safe operation. At Master Air Inc., we can quickly identify problems with heater parts, and install the replacements to restore functionality.

Regardless of the trouble you experience with your heater, whether it’s uneven temperature control, or worrisome issues like loud noises, you can most likely blame a problematic part. Our expert technicians are proud to provide and install the replacement parts you need. For any heater parts in Pearland, TX, Master Air Inc. stands as your local source. To learn more, give us a call at (281) 485-3231.

Standard Heater Parts

Heater Parts

For Any Heater Problem, We Can Diagnose the Cause and Install Replacement Parts.

Many different components contribute to the operation of your gas or electric heater. The team at Master Air Inc. is ready and able to address any issues whatsoever, including those that appear in relation to these common parts.

HVAC Inducer: A gas furnace will naturally produce hazardous chemicals as a consequence of its operation. The inducer ensures that these byproducts are safely transported out of the home.

Heat Exchanger: This component transfers heat from the combustion chamber to warm the air in your home.

Capacitors: Heaters use capacitors for a jolt of extra energy. This occurs most often when the heater switches on.

Gas Valve: If you have a gas furnace, this simple valve regulates your heater’s fuel supply. Problems can result in a leak, or a furnace that refuses to activate.

HVAC Blower: Your blower circulates heated air throughout your home. If it has problems, you’ll begin to notice weak or inconsistent airflow.

HVAC Thermostat: Your thermostat regulates the operation of your furnace. A failure to ignite or properly shut down can often be attributed to a faulty thermostat.

The Parts You Need

Failure of any of the above parts can result in major problems for your heater. If you notice troublesome signs such as non-operation, continual operation, or inconsistent service around the home, call (281) 485-3231 today for the professionals at Master Air Inc.. We’re your local source for replacement of heater parts in Pearland, TX.