Air Conditioner Fan Repair

Air Conditioner Fan

Two Air Conditioner Fans Provide for the Reliable Operation of Your Device.

Every HVAC system contains two vital fans that provide for its proper, safe operation. These fans have particular importance for the air conditioner, as one of them regulates the temperature on your outdoor condenser unit. If either of these fans fail, then you have a major problem that could result in the overall breakdown of your HVAC. Thankfully, Master Air Inc. represents an expert source for the repair of an air conditioner fan.

The condenser fan sits outside atop your condenser unit. When this fan functions correctly, it provides for the invaluable cooling of your condenser. In its absence, the unit would quickly overheat and fail. The second fan, the blower, provides for the actual circulation of air throughout your home. If it begins to struggle, you’ll notice a lack of treated air from your vents. If you need service on an air conditioner fan in Pearland, TX, make sure to call our expert team today at (281) 485-3231.

Air Conditioner Fan Repair Needs

Air Conditioner Fan

The Condenser Fan Sits Atop Your Outdoor Unit to Regulate That Component’s Temperature.

Air conditioner fans tend to produce fairly obvious signals when they begin to struggle. If you ever detect one of the signals described below, don’t hesitate to reach out for service. The continued operation of your HVAC could depend on rapid service.

Broken Capacitor: Each fan has a capacitor which provides extra energy when needed, such as at start-up. If your AC turns on, but you detect no air from the vents, you could have a failed blower capacitor. If the outdoor fan does not turn on, then its capacitor has likely broken down.

Unevenly Treated Rooms: A struggling blower fan may have difficulty taking care of an entire home. If certain rooms feel unreasonably cold or warm, then a sufficient amount of treated air fails to reach them. A blower that cannot provide for the comfort of your entire home needs repair or replacement.

Warm Air: The emission of warm air from your vents can signify a problem with either fan. The blower fan circulates warm air through the vents and out of the home. If it breaks down, this warm air remains to impede your air conditioner’s function. If the condenser fan begins to struggle, your outdoor unit cannot produce an adequate amount of cool air.

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If you suspect a problem with an air conditioner fan in Pearland, TX, don’t delay your call for service. The team at Master Air Inc. recognizes the importance of these components, and performs excellent work to keep them in good repair. For any questions or service requests, call (281) 485-3231 at your earliest convenience.