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HVAC Parts

For Any Issue with Faulty or Worn-Out HVAC Parts, You Can Count on Our Experienced Team.

We take pride in our ability to supply and install a plethora of HVAC parts for many different brands and devices. Every type of HVAC is a complicated system comprised of different components. Each of these has its own slew of parts that provide for basic operation. If your HVAC breaks down and you’re not sure why, you can almost certainly blame a faulty part. At Master Air Inc., we will quickly diagnose your problem and install the relevant part.

We have over 30 years of experience with HVACs, and have encountered and addressed virtually every repair need. If you’re experiencing problems with the comfort of your home, don’t hesitate to call us today at (281) 485-3231. Whether you need a new AC fan, thermostat, blower, or anything else, we’re the local source for HVAC parts in Pearland, TX.

HVAC Parts Assortment

HVAC Parts

Older Units Will Require the Repair and Replacement of More Parts as They Age.

We can professionally replace just about any relevant part in your home’s HVAC. Whether it’s your AC giving you problems, your heater, or a shared component, we can provide a fast service solution.

Air Conditioners: Though almost everyone has one, many people do not understand the function of their air conditioner. The compressor pumps refrigerant to the evaporator coil. The blower fan then sends hot air it has absorbed from inside the home across the evaporator coils, which collect heat and leave behind cooler air. This air gets circulated throughout the home, while the heated refrigerant gets sent back to the outdoor unit. There, the condenser coil expels heat to ready the refrigerant for service once again. It’s interesting to note that an air conditioner never actually creates cold air. Instead, it operates through the continual remove of heat from your home.

Heaters: Unlike air conditioners, heaters actually generate warm air. The pilot light will ignite a series of burners that raise the temperature in the combustion chamber. This heat then encounters the heat exchanger, where it warms air to the appropriate temperature. From there, the blower fan takes this heated air and circulates it throughout the home. An electrical heater operates in much the same way, though it uses an electrical ignition and conductive coils, rather than a pilot light and gas burners.

At Master Air Inc., we specialize in the repair or replacement of the following parts.

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If you experience trouble with any component of your HVAC, make sure to contact our team for help. We’re your local experts for the identification and repair of HVAC issues, and always perform rapid, quality service. For any repair or replacement needs of HVAC parts in Pearland, TX, give us a call today at (281) 485-3231.