Mini Split AC System Services

Mini Split AC

A Mini Split AC Can Provide for the Targeted Comfort of Any Room.

As a ductless home cooling solution, a mini split AC can work wonders in the right environment. Comprised of an outdoor compressor unit and indoor air handler, a mini split AC system can provide targeted comfort across any room in the house. If you already rely on a ductless system for heating, including space heaters or hydronic systems, then a mini split AC stands as a perfect addition. At Master Air Inc., we provide for the full installation, service, and repair of these devices.

Mini split systems also work well in homes with existing ductwork. These standalone units can provide added comfort, or serve to expand cooling into areas without ducts. Since the addition of new ductwork is not always spatially or financially practical, a mini split system can serve as the ideal solution. To learn more about these devices or schedule work for a mini split AC in Pearland, TX, give us a call today at (281) 485-3231.

Mini Split AC Benefits

Mini Split AC

For Maintenance, Installation, and Repair, Trust in Our Professional Team.

Mini split ACs come with a host of practical advantages. If you are considering alternate solutions for the comfort of your home, you’ll want to keep these in mind.

Flexible Placement: A mini split air handler can be placed practically anywhere. You can suspend it from the ceiling or mount it on the wall to provide service anywhere you want. You also do not need to worry about whether an area can sustain the installation of ducts. The flexibility of a mini split becomes especially valuable in older homes that lack ductwork.

Variable Comfort: Central air generates the same level of comfort throughout every room in your home. With a mini split set-up, you can adjust the level of cooling as you wish. For example, the mini split in your living room could provide for a cooler environment than that of your bathroom. Since each mini split unit has its own thermostat, you have complete freedom in the adjustment of comfort levels.

Less Expensive: As anyone with central air understands, the cost of running these systems can occasionally feel prohibitively high. With a mini split, you do not need to waste energy in the cooling of rooms you don’t use. This can save you a great deal of money throughout the hottest parts of the year.

Set Up Installation with Our Team

If you need help choosing the right mini split system for your home, trust the expert contractors at Master Air Inc.. We specialize in the maintenance and installation of these units, and can recommend an ideal set-up for the cost-efficient comfort of any home. For any questions or service requests on a mini split AC in Pearland, TX, call us today at (281) 485-3231.